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1. Vacancy For Teacher

Apply for the post : Teacher

Elligibility : Minimum required qualification for this role he/she must have been completed their graduation level or Master degree. 

Experience : No prior experience in teaching is required . Experienced / Freshers can apply .

Apply procedure : Stage-1  Just click on the below button "Apply now" .

                               Stage-2  After clicking the apply now button you will get a Registration Form .

                               Stage-3  In that  registration form you have to fill up all your required documents .

                               Stage-4  Once you have submitted that form you will get unique user id & password .

                               Stage-5  You need to submit your further details and the demo video in this step. Please follow the instructions mentioned for recording

                                              and uploading the demo video .

Following are the instructions to record and submit the video demo

  • a. The duration of the video should be approximately 30 minutes.
  • b. The demo video should be in your prefered language.
  • c. A white board/ ppt/ white paper can be used for the demo. However it is not mandatory. You may choose to give verbal demo.
  • d. Please ensure you are visible and audible in the video.
  • e. The size of the video file should not be greater than 300 MB.
NB : For more details get into FAQs .

2. Vacancy For Customer Support Executive

Apply for the post : Customer Support Executive

Job Overview

Our Customer Service department is looking for a passionate and experienced individual to join us as a Customer Support Executive. 

Your main goal for this role will be to monitor each employee’s work and provide excellent customer satisfaction to the customers. As a Customer Support Executive, you will be responsible for contacting customers and responding to their complaints in a professional manner.

In addition to this, you should possess good listening skills with the ability to complete the required tasks simultaneously. You should hold a Bachelor’s degree / under Graduate / Equivalents to join this job position

If you are interested in this position and have a proven track record of successful customer service works, then apply now. We will contact you soon.

Apply procedure :

          Stage-1  Just click on the below button "Apply now" .

          Stage-2  Send your cv to  [email protected] .

                        You may also send your cv on whatsapp - 8260076665 .